About Us

About Us

Sayibo Inc. is an employee owned and operated company. Headquartered in Bohemia, New York, Sayibo Inc. is committed to meeting our clients’ needs for specialty chemical solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are dedicated to serving academia and pharmaceutical/biotech companies by providing high quality research chemicals and contract services. We believe in the success of our company simply because we understand our clients’ needs better.

Sayibo Inc. serves three major client groups:

Research laboratories

at universities, institutes, and government.

Pharmaceutical industry

in the process from lead discoveries to pre-clinical stages.

Manufacturers and re-sellers

for laboratory and diagnostic reagents.

Our Features:


We work closely with the chemistry community, anticipate future market dynamics and emerging industry trends, recognize the impactful chemicals and make them commercially available, allowing you to build the desirable targets for your projects.


Our high purity chemicals can help you plan and organize your research with confidence. We provide the Certificate of Analysis as well as other technical documentations for your reference.


We support customers in a wide range of industries. Our products can be manufactured upon customers’ requirements, from reagent grade to cosmetic, veterinary and pharmaceutical grades.


We conduct synthesis on scales ranging from milligrams to kilos to support the needs of scientists and engineers from the initial R&D phase to the larger scale late phase manufacture.


We reply to our customers’ inquiries and requests as quickly as possible. We care for your business like it were our own.